A detailed explanation of the LivingAddress service and its features.

The most important feature of LivingAddress is that it allows you to create a Living Connection with a contact in your address book. A Living Connection allows information in your address book to be provided directly from the contact.

For example, let’s say you make a Living Connection with your friend John. Some time passes and John gets married, has a baby, and decides to move to a bigger home to fit his growing family. When John updates his profile on LivingAddress, that information is shared with everyone that he wants that information shared with and is automatically updated in their LivingAddress books. Simple and efficient. No more mass emails needed to update your friends and family when your contact information has changed.

Information Types

There are two types of information in LivingAddress:

Deadwood Information is input by you and can only be changed by you. Living Information is provided by your contact and cannot be changed by you. Deadwood Information is input on a contact's details page, which is accessed by clicking on the eyeball next to a contact on the My Contacts page. Most of the information fields (e.g., name, email, and phone number) in LivingAddress can have both Living Information and the Deadwood Information. However, there are two information fields that are unique to Deadwood Information and one field that is unique to Living Information.

Unique to Deadwood Information

Not all information fields associated with a contact have a Living Information pair. Two fields are unique to Deadwood Information since they are provided by only you and not your contact.

These unique to Deadwood Information fields are the contact's:

Both of these inputs can be found on the Details page for a contact. The Deadwood Note field can be used to store additional information on that contact, this is only viewable by you. The Postage Name is the name that you want any letters or packages addressed with for that contact. For example, your contact’s name may be John Doe, but you want letters and packages addressed to the family. In this situation, you could input “The Doe Family” into the Postage Name field.

Unique to Living Information

Similar to the Deadwood Note, the Living Note does not have a Deadwood Information pair and is unique to Living Information. The Living Note contains additional information that your contact decides to share with you. This could include a link to a website or a summer travel itinerary.

More About Deadwood Information

The main purpose of LivingAddress is to make the information in your address book better, not worse. For the most part, we believe the information provided by your contact would be the best available, but accidents happen. In order to keep a contact’s typographical error from automatically replacing your correct Deadwood Information, we decided to keep Deadwood Information frozen and retained until you decide to change it. An exclamation mark is displayed when Deadwood Information does not match Living Information. Clicking the exclamation mark will take you to a page that will display the Living Information and the Deadwood Information side by side. You can then choose to either use the Sync option to replace your Deadwood Information with the available Living Information, or retain and use your Deadwood Information instead.

Note: Blank Deadwood Information will automatically be filled in and frozen when Living Information is first available.

Shared Information

LivingAddress has made it a priority to make the information you share completely customizable by you. This is accomplished by allowing you to select the profile information that you want to share with each of your contacts. For example, you can decide to share only your name and email address with one contact but share all your profile information with another contact. In addition, you are not required to input any information beyond your name and an email address nor are you required to establish a Living Connection with the contacts in your address book. Contacts without an established Living Connection cannot see any of your profile information.

You will be asked what profile information you want to share when you request a Living Connection or when you accept a Living Connection with a contact. You can also change the profile information you want to share by clicking the "Shared" drop-down menu next to the contact on the My Contacts page.


My Profile Page

The My Profile page contains your contact information that can be shared with the contacts that you select.

Confirm Profile Information

Sometimes people do not change their contact information very often. Once you find that dream home, why move? Your contacts with a Living Connection can see the last time you updated your contact information. If your information is current but has not changed in a long time, you can use the Confirm Profile Information button to let your contacts know that your information has not changed and is still current. This is an especially helpful tool to use before times of the year when you expect cards or packages, such as before the holidays, your birthday, or special events. A recently confirmed profile will provide added assurance to your contacts before they use your contact information to send something to you.

My Contacts Page

The My Contacts page is where you will spend most of your time since this is where a summary of all your contacts information is displayed.

You can categorize and sort your contacts by assigning a symbol to a contact on the My Contacts page. Contacts with the same assigned symbol will be sorted to the tab associated with that symbol.

Details Page

Clicking on the eyeball next to a contact on the My Contacts page will open up the Details page for that contact. The detailed information page provides both Living and Deadwood Information available for that contact.

The detailed page includes three tabs:

The Deadwood Tab is where you can input information about the contact. The Side by Side Tab is helpful when a Living Connection is made since it provides a side by side display of the Living and Deadwood Information available for the contact. The Side by Side Tab is used to identify differences between the Living Information and the Deadwood Information available for a contact. A Sync option is available on the Side by Side Tab when there is a difference between Living and Deadwood Information. The Sync option will replace the Deadwood Information with the Living Information. The Combined Tab displays a combined view of Living Information and Deadwood Information available for that contact. By default, when there are differences between Living and Deadwood Information, only the Living Information will be displayed on the Combined Tab. You can change this default by selecting the Use Deadwood option on the Side by Side Tab.

Account Settings Page

The Account Settings page is all business. This is where you can:


There are five primary actions that can be displayed next to a contact:

Make Living

The Make Living button is the the most important element of LivingAddress. It allows you to request that a Living Connection be made with the contact. A Living Connection allows the information in your address book to be provided directly from the contact. This request occurs through an email request. Your contact will have a choice to either accept or ignore the Living Connection. An established Living Connection can be broken at any time by either you or your contact. The option to Break Living Connection can be found on the detailed information page for a contact.


Life can be busy and sometimes we may need a reminder to update our contact information. The Nudge button is available for contacts with Living Connections. The point of the Nudge button is to provide a gentle reminder to a contact that you know needs to update their information. If you believe a contact’s Living Information is stale, help them and their contacts by giving a gentle Nudge.

Note: When one of your contacts uses the Nudge feature, it will send an email to your primary email address. The email will ask that you login to LivingAddress and either update or confirm your profile information. While we believe the Nudge feature helps keep information updated, you can choose to disable this feature on the Settings page.


The Pending action identifies contacts that are in the process of becoming a Living Connection. A Pending status can be cancelled by clicking on the cancel button.


The Resend action will be available after a set amount of time has passed since your last Living Connection request was made. Clicking this button will resend the Living Connection request to that contact.

Exclamation Mark

An exclamation mark identifies a contact that has provided Living Information that is different from your Deadwood Information. You can replace your Deadwood Information with the information they provided through the Sync option on the contact’s detailed information page (on the Side by Side tab). The exclamation mark will disappear when Living Information matches Deadwood Information.


You will receive a LivingAddress notification when someone you know requests to make a Living Connection to your address book.

You can either:

Accepting the request will establish a Living Connection between you and that person. If you choose to ignore the request, the requesting person will not be notified. Instead, their request will display and remain in the pending status.

The spam option helps notify us of user abuse. We have implemented safeguards to keep you from receiving spam requests to establish a Living Connection. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, you may periodically receive Living Connection invites from people you do not know. Sometimes this can simply be an honest mistake caused by a typographical error. However, other times it may be dishonest in nature. If you suspect dishonesty, you can help us identify and fix the problem by flagging the request as spam.

Note: LivingAddress will also send you an email notification to your primary email address when someone requests to make a Living Connection. You can disable the Living Connection email notification on the Settings page.