Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Is there a membership fee to join LivingAddress?

No. LivingAddress is a free service.

Does LivingAddress sell or use the personal information submitted by its users for marketing or advertising purposes?

Absolutely not! Your information on the My Profile page is available only to those that you choose to share it with. The information you input for your contacts (Deadwood Information) is available only to you. Please see our Privacy Policy for a complete description of how LivingAddress treats your personal information.

Do I have to create Living Connections?

Nope. We believe your experience will be better if you do, but you are more than welcome to input the information for your contacts and use our service as a free backup to your address book.

Can people without an established Living Connection see my profile information?

No. Your profile information can only be seen by people with an established Living Connection. Further, your contacts with an established Living Connection can only see your profile information that you allow them to see.

How do I delete a contact in my address book?

You can delete a contact in your address book by selecting the check mark box next to the contact(s) that you want to delete on the My Contacts page. When selected, use the dropdown menu next the "more" button and select the "delete contacts" option. Contacts with Pending or Living Connections cannot be deleted until the Pending request has been cancelled or the Living Connection has been broken.

Can I import information from another address book or export the information from LivingAddress?

Not yet, but very soon. We plan to make it extremely easy to import and export your contact information in various different formats. We will make import and export capability available after a successful beta launch.

What security measures has LivingAddress taken to protect people’s information?

LivingAddress takes security of our users' information very seriously, be it through physical security at our data centers or through the use of proven methods to secure the information we send and receive.

All data that is transmitted between your computer and our data centers is protected by industry standard (virtually unencryptable) 2048 bit SSL (Security Sockets Layer) encryption. By requiring 2048 bit SSL encryption it means data cannot be read by someone trying to intercept the communication. We require this on every user authenticated page and every logged in page of LivingAddress.

The encrypted and verified connection LivingAddress uses is provided by DigiCert SSL. The list of the organizations that also use DigiCert for their website security speaks for itself. Here is a list of some of the organizations that use DigiCert’s SSL encryption to protect their information.

Do you plan to make an Android and iPhone application?

Yes. We hope to be able to release an Android and iPhone application by the end of 2014.