brings life to your address book.

Naturally, the best sources of the contact information in our address books are the contacts themselves. LivingAddress provides the ability to create a Living Connection between you and the people you know.

We identified the need for LivingAddress through our experience with keeping our address books current. We found that it was difficult to stay current since people moved quite often, especially in the early portion of their lives due to annual dorm changes, study abroad, military duty, marriages, or just life’s changes. These evolving living arrangements caused an unnecessary amount of text and email verifications prior to sending wedding invites,holiday cards, thank you cards, or any other postal-related letters and packages.

Not to mention, people don’t just change their physical addresses. We found that people change email addresses because they were accepted to or graduated from a school, changed jobs, received too much spam, or simply because their previous email was reminiscent of a different or less mature time in their life. It was due to these experiences and our trouble with keeping current that we dreamt up LivingAddress. is an address book that is kept up to date by each of the contacts in the address book. was thought up and created by two long-standing childhood friends. We have big plans for LivingAddress. Many new features are already in the works and will be made available soon.

A few of the upcoming LivingAddress features include easy ways to import and export your contact information, label printing, and mobile phone applications. We also encourage you to provide us feedback on the features you would like to see in the future.

We hope you enjoy our website.

Eric and Daniel - according to our customers